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Tucker's Temple is a Mobile Puzzle game where you rearrange the map to guide your characters instead of directly controlling them. Will you be able to reunite the Tucker family, find your father, and escape the Temple alive?

Tucker's Temple was created by a talented team of independent game designers and developers at UC Santa Cruz.


  • Unique mechanic of rearranging the map instead of directly controlling characters.
  • 4 different characters with unique abilities to overcome different kinds of enemies and hazards.
  • 50 different levels with additional achievements.
  • Original ambient soundtrack.
  • Absolutely free, with no in-game microtransactions.

Check out our Story Trailer, and official OST!

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Install instructions

To play Tucker's Temple, download the .apk file onto an Android device.  Simply open the .apk file to install Tucker's Temple, and then click on the icon to play.  Save games are currently not supported, but all levels begin unlocked. Please let us know if you encounter any errors or bugs, and look for our official release on both the iOS and Android App Stores!


Tuckers Temple Beta 1.0.apk 90 MB
Tucker's Temple Beta 0.9.apk 86 MB

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